0 to 12K pageviews In 5 Months

The Project

Nurse Hive is a community site aimed at medical professionals, but besides resources and support, it also offers product reviews. When we first started working on it, however, it still wasn’t making any affiliate income.

Our job was to make sure the website started earning money but to do that, we had to analyze its overall quality and increase its traffic. 

Within five months, we managed to boost the traffic so much that NurseHive finally got its first earnings.

The Strategy

Combine our Crawl, Walk and Run packages to breathe life into the website as soon as possible.

To do this we had to;

  1. Identify technical issues by doing an extensive website quality audit. This uncovered all the sitemap, redirection, and URL structure errors that were messing with the website’s rankings. (The Crawl Package)
  2. Find the most lucrative growth opportunities by doing the so-called content gap analysis. This gave us insight into what topics weren’t being made use of in attracting users. (The Walk Package)
  3. Improve rankings by rethinking the website’s information structure or the so-called content siloing. 
  4. Attract a wider audience by focusing on top-of-funnel content, such as lifestyle and career growth advice.
  5. Reach out to some authority sites in the niche. (The Run Package)