Sewing Site Sold For $143K

The Project

Sewing Made Simple is a sewing website that got off to a rocky start when it was first built, back in 2013 using an aged domain. The spammy links that were bought from a third party did it no good, and it eventually got deindexed by Google. 

When we started working on it, sometime in 2015, SMS had no pageviews and SERP visibility. Our job was to bring actual traffic to the website and make it start earning money. 

By the time we were done, the website was making enough money for us to be able to easily sell it for a neat six-figure amount. 

In December 2016, a product review page we wrote earned $10K commission from Amazon purely from organic traffic and without the use of ads.

The Strategy

The plan was to combine our Walk and Run packages to attack the problem from all sides.

To do this we had to;

  1. Improve rankings by rethinking the way the information on the website is structured and presented. Map out more content and make sure we implement a solid content silo. (The Walk Package)
  2. Find opportunities for higher visibility using keyword research and competitor analysis. This helped us identify which keywords we could rank for. (The Walk Package)
  3. Get more traffic by increasing content velocity. The website now has more than 300 relevant posts. 
  4. Develop a strong link portfolio that would keep bringing the traffic. To do this, we reached out to food bloggers alike. (The Run Package)

The Results