Very generous with her expertise

Not only is she an expert at what she does, she is also very generous with her expertise—there was never a time that she ignored my queries.

A breath of fresh air!

For those people who are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about keyword research, then Tessah’s Keyword Research Made Simple Workshop is like a breath of fresh air!

Leveraging your site’s visibility online

If I haven’t met Tessah, I wouldn’t even be aware that affiliate sites exist, or that you can make a living entirely from your SEO skills by leveraging your site’s visibility in the online market. She opened up my eyes to the possibilities of wealth and a certain lifestyle if I only learn to dedicate … Read more

The best decision I made!

The best decision I made was hiring The SEO Mama to optimize my website for discovery. They made a custom package tailored to my needs and budget, and the turnaround time was very quick. Tessah was also available to answer any questions I had after their services were completed. I’ll definitely be using Digiflek SEO’s … Read more


Tessah really explained and showed everything in layman’s terms, especially the keyword research and how to do it independently. The videos are easy to follow, her explanations are clear and precise too! For a first-timer and newbie like me, this is really very helpful and made me feel confident that I can succeed in this … Read more