5,233% Traffic Growth In 1 Year

The Project

Tiny Kitchen Divas is an appliance review website originally created in 2016. The site wasn’t updated for almost three years and was in need of serious work to keep it going.

It wasn’t until 2020 that we started working on it, but although it was making a profit, the monthly income was pretty low. Our main goal was to create the right strategy to increase the ranking and the monthly income.

Within a single year, we managed to achieve a huge increase in the website’s traffic, as well as a healthy increase in revenue. From $50 ave monthly income in 2019 to almost $400/mo in 2020, we aim to reach $1K/month by 2021.

The Strategy

The plan was to combine our Walk and Run packages to attack the problem from all sides.

To do this we had to;

  1. Improve rankings by rethinking the way the information on the website is structured and presented. Map out more content and make sure we implement a solid content silo. (The Walk Package)
  2. Find opportunities for higher visibility using keyword research and competitor analysis. This helped us identify which keywords we could rank for. (The Walk Package)
  3. Get more traffic by increasing content velocity. The website now has more than 300 relevant posts. 
  4. Develop a strong link portfolio that would keep bringing the traffic. To do this, we reached out to food bloggers alike. (The Run Package)

The Results