How I Earned $222K Building Niche Sites And How Can You Do It, Too!

Hey! Welcome to my blog and my first ever post. I’m so thrilled to have you here! I’ve been contemplating whether or not to create a website like this for years now.

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I initially bought a domain years ago for my SEO agency, and I thought it would be a fitting place to talk about my niche site-making process and case studies here in my own SEO blog. If you want to learn more about our company, visit our website here (under construction). 

What is a Niche Site?

A niche site, or sometimes referred to as a micro-niche site, is a site about a specific topic. Niche sites are ultra laser-focused sites created for a “narrow” audience.

How Do Niche Sites Earn Money?

Niche site builders earn money by promoting products from big shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair. 

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say I’m a geek when it comes to laptops and notebooks, and a lot of friends keep asking for some recommendations on the “best laptop bags.” As the nerdy and helpful person that I am, I happily share my thoughts about these bags available online. The topic “best laptop bags” is an example of a niche topic. Let’s drill deeper. What if a new mom is looking for a laptop bag? So the interest shifts from “best laptop bags” to “best laptop bags for new moms” Now, this is an ultra focused query. This is a good example of a micro-niche topic. 

So I can go ahead and build a site about this specific need. 

I go to Amazon or other big box stores to look for products I can promote. 

I usually aim to find 10 to 20 products that I could be proud of recommending to my audience. I then go back to my blog and review them. This is where the magic happens. In my product reviews, I include my affiliate links. When a visitor clicks a link, they are taken to the actual Amazon product page where they can buy the said product. Then, if they buy through your affiliate links, congratulations! You’ve earned a commission. Ka-ching! 😉

Imagine having people visiting your site daily and buying from your affiliate links. It easily adds up, and before you know it, you have a nice paycheck waiting at the end of the month. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Want to hear the best part? Here it goes.

Say Mommy A clicks your affiliate link and goes on to buy the laptop bag. When she was about to check out, she remembered that she had some grocery shopping to do. Then, she decided to grab some of the items from her wish list, and while she’s on it, she went ahead and purchased her husband a nice birthday present. 

Mommy A is on a shopping spree. Yay for you because you get to earn a commission from all the things she put in her cart. Say what? Yes, you heard it right! You receive a commission not just from the $50 laptop bag but for the whole $500 transaction! How cool is that?!

So this is the passive income part of this business. Technically, you didn’t have to work or lift a finger to earn a commission from the other $450 worth of stuff she bought. All done while you are sleeping, playing mobile legend, or watching a K-drama! 

OK, now the next big question is, how do I find moms like Mommy A?

Driving Traffic To Your Niche Sites

How do I increase traffic to my website? Have you ever heard of SEO?

It means Search Engine Optimization. Let’s discuss search engines first. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are search engines. We use them to surf the net or search for something. So SEO means that you optimize your site for search engines to give them some “love” and rank them. 

Let’s go back to our example. Google’s smart algorithm figures out the best websites that would meet any user’s query. When Mommy A goes on Google to search for “best laptop bags for new moms,” Google gives a list of websites that you see on the first page. Google sees them as the best solution to the problem/query. 

We want our site to be right at the top 3 spots on the first page of Google, so when Mommy A sees the result, there’s a big chance of her choosing and clicking to open our website. It’s seldom for a user to go to the bottom of the result page, let alone go to page 2 of Google. This is why you need to learn how to rank number 1 on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Thank you for reaching this far.

To summarize, these are the steps to building niche sites:

  1. Market research
  2. Site Building
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Driving Traffic

Ever since I started my “make money online” journey (since 2009!), I’ve earned a good amount of money that I would have never been able to see in my bank account in this lifetime if I didn’t learn SEO and affiliate marketing. 

Don’t get me wrong. It was in no way an overnight success nor was it something full of rainbows and sunshine. I got scammed by lots of gurus and lost a lot of money, dabbling in strategies and courses I didn’t even need.  

I’m grateful that I met good teachers and friends along the way. Shawna is one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t give up and succeeded. I have such high regard for her that she’s the only one I’m linking in this post. 🙂 

A lot of people have asked me to teach them how to start, hence why you’re reading this. Creating this blog and building THE SEO MAMA are my ways of giving back.

Want to see how I built a six-figure niche site? Join my FB group so you can get FREE access to SEO tutorials exclusive for my group. I’m also planning to release my new case study soon.

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